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A pioneering manufacturer of alternative energy equipment attacked a massive opportunity to sell its products within large enterprises. Product financing was essential to closing sales, meeting demand, and establishing a large install base.

A large medical device manufacturer sought to compete with creative financing and servicing options to satisfy customers’ unique needs.

A manufacturer of construction equipment set up captive leasing to ensure they could go head to head with their top competitors.

A large regional utility company needed creative financing options in order to market new energy-efficient products to its base of business customers.

An international manufacturer of IT equipment and software dramatically boosted market share and revenue with a state-of-the-art captive leasing operation that ensured products were sold with compelling financing terms.

A major equipment dealer offering a wide range of products to a diverse customer base streamlined the marketing and sales process by offering user-friendly financing options tailored to specific customer needs.

A major manufacturer offering unique combinations of products and services that are not easily financeable as a package solved the problem by establishing its own captive financing operation.

By establishing a captive financing strategy, a manufacturer of products with a long useful life was able to establish a profit center by efficiently re-marketing and financing its off-lease equipment.