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Turnkey: Vendor Captive Financing Company Setup

CLA specializes in advising and establishing in-house captive leasing and financing operations for product manufacturers or distributors. This provides benefits including marketing advantage and a new profit center opportunity. Financing can be sourced via internal funds, third-party financing companies, or banks. Our team delivers extensive expertise in equipment and product financing, as well as organizational set-up and day-to-day management of finance operations. We have successfully structured and arranged over a billion dollars in product financing for a clean energy product vendor in the last five years.


Product manufacturers and distributors sell more, compete better and drive more revenue when they offer financing options.

Captive Lease Advisors can guide your team in establishing product financing, using internal funds, in whole or part, as well as funds from third-party financing companies or banks.

We guide you through every step of setting up operations with in-house personnel, or by leveraging CLA’s cost-effective network of third-party service providers.


Understand how to establish vendor financing and its benefits to your business...


We aid you in developing and offering all types of financing contracts needed in vendor financing...


Learn how we can help you develop and negotiate all necessary state-of-the-art contract documentation...

Operational and Support Services

We can set up and help in managing all the day-to-day operations of a captive finance company..

Captive Financing Checklist

Get our valuable checklist on establishing financing strategies including captive.

Move at Your Own Pace

Sell More

Sell more by offering financing options, via your own captive or via third-party financing partners. CLA delivers financing strategies that support where you are today and where you plan to go.

Compete Effectively

Are you losing sales to competitors who provide customer financing options? Compete with financing strategies that grow with you. Turn competitive financing into a full-fledged profit center.

Innovate and Dominate

You are moving the market with innovative products. Press your business advantage with financing strategies, from third-party to full captive financing operations, to dominate and inhibit competition.

We Wrote the Book on Leveraging Captive Financing for Success

CLA principal Richard Contino has advised on every aspect of captive financing for clients, including Cisco Systems. His book walks readers through the benefits of financing strategies and the most cost-effective route to establishing them.