Captive Lease Advisors’ Key Competencies

Turnkey Vendor Captive Financing Company Setup


CLA advises on the benefits, as well as the establishment, of a fully functional in-house captive leasing and financing company for product manufacturers or distributors, which provides both marketing advantage and new profit center opportunity.

Captive product financing can be offered using, in whole or in part, a product vendor’s internal funds or funds from third-party financing companies or banks. The financing operation can be set up fully within-house personnel or substantially using cost-effective third-party finance operation service providers identified by the Advisory Team.


The company Team has extensive state-of-the-art business, operational, legal, sales, marketing, structuring and financial expertise in equipment and product financing, as well as in the organizational set-up and day-to day management of a finance operation.

The Advisory Team has structured and arranged over a billion dollars in product financing for one product vendor in the clean energy space, in the past five years.

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