Captive Lease Advisors’ Key Competencies

Turnkey Vendor Captive Financing Company Setup


CLA advises on the benefits, as well as the establishment, of a fully functional in-house captive leasing and financing company for a product manufacturer or distributor, offering competitive product financing for all product customers, one that provides both a product marketing advantage and new profit center opportunity.

The captive product financing can be offered using, in whole or in part, a product vendor’s internal funds or funds from third-party financing companies or banks. And the financing operation can be set up fully within-house personnel or substantially using cost-effective third-party finance operation service providers, which the Advisory Team can identify.


The company Team has extensive state-of-the-art business, operational, legal, sales, marketing, structuring and financial expertise in equipment and product financing, as well as in the organizational set-up and day-to day management of a finance operation.

The Advisory Team has structured and arranged for one product vendor over $300 Million in product financing in the past three years.

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