Captive Lease Advisors advise on the benefits, as well as the establishment, of a fully functional in-house captive leasing and financing company for a product manufacturer or distributor, offering competitive product financing for all product customers, one that provides both a product marketing advantage and new profit center opportunity.  The captive product financing can be offered using, in whole or in part, a product vendor’s internal funds or funds from third-party financing companies or banks.  And the financing operation can be set up fully with in-house personnel or substantially using cost-effective third-party finance operation service providers, which the Advisory Team can identify.


We advise on, as well as develop and negotiate the necessary state-of-the-art contract documents, such as equipment lease and conditional sale contracts and managed services agreements, used for customer product financing, as well as provide legal advice on the various provisions.  The Advisory Team can also identify and facilitate arrangements, as necessary, with law firms for tax and legal advice.


We advise on the development and offering of product financing for various types of financing contracts, including developing market competitive financing rates and structures.  The Advisory Team can also develop a captive operation business plan, including pro forma financial statements, for the evaluation and set up and operation of a vendor financing company.

Operational and Support Services

Can assist in the set up of all day-to-day operations of a captive finance company as well as support and provide management supervision for day-to-day operations, and identify and arrange contracts with third-party service providers offering front-end financing and operational software for a captive financing company, including transaction credit and document processing and transaction pricing.  The Advisory Team can also identify and arrange contracts with third-party service providers offering operational “back office” services, such as for financing contract billing, payment collection and operational report generation and identify and facilitate arrangements, as necessary, with collection agencies as well as law firms for litigation needs.

Third-party Financial Arrangements

CLA provides, and negotiates favorable arrangements with, its substantial third-party banks and independent leasing company contacts to deliver individual product, or finance contract, financings or those offering comprehensive product financing programs, all from under $100,000 to multimillion dollar product financings.

Potential Company Advisory Marketing Prospects

We advise any type of equipment manufacturer, software provider or other product vendor, such as equipment dealers, that want to (1) offer competitive customer product financing tailored to their customer’s needs, (2) increase their competitive advantage in their market segment by offering innovative product financing,  (3) increase their market share using as an effective marketing advantage, product financing, (4) develop a solid, new profit center, and/or (5) develop a highly profitable secondary market for their products.


The company Team has extensive state-of-the-art business, operational, legal, sales, marketing, structuring and financial expertise in equipment and product financing, as well as in the organizational set-up and day-to day management of a finance operation.  The Advisory Team has structured and arranged for one product vendor over $300 Million in product financing in the past three years.

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